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Mastering Mediation - Unlocking Success in Commercial Disputes

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This online course provides a comprehensive introduction to mediation in the context of commercial law. Designed for lawyers, business professionals, and aspiring mediators, this course offers essential knowledge and skills for effectively resolving commercial disputes through mediation. You will gain insights into the role of a mediator, understand the mediation process, explore the legal framework surrounding commercial mediation, examine different types of commercial disputes, discover career opportunities in commercial mediation, and receive practical tips for successful mediation. Join us to acquire the foundational understanding necessary for navigating commercial disputes and promoting peaceful resolutions through mediation.


This course has been designed by practicing lawyers and licensed, qualified commercial dispute mediators.


No prior knowledge is required.


The course titled aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, processes, and skills involved in mediating commercial disputes. The course is designed to introduce students to the field of commercial dispute mediation, equipping them with foundational knowledge and practical techniques to effectively mediate conflicts within a commercial context


This course is suitable for a range of persons:

Professionals in the legal field: Lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals who handle commercial dispute cases can benefit from this course. It can provide them with an alternative approach to resolving conflicts and expand their skills beyond traditional litigation. Mediation skills can complement their legal expertise and offer additional options for their clients.

Commercial law practitioners: Professionals specializing in commercial law, such as debt claims, contractual disputes, finance agreement disputes can benefit from this course. It can provide them with a deeper understanding of the mediation process and techniques, allowing them to better serve their clients and explore alternative dispute resolution options.

Individuals considering a career in commercial dispute mediation: Those interested in pursuing a career in mediation can use an introduction course as a starting point. It provides a foundation of knowledge and skills required to enter the field. Participants can assess their interest and aptitude for mediation and decide whether to pursue further education or certification in commercial mediation.


Following completion of this course, students will be in a position to:

 Module 1: Understanding Family Mediation 

  • Understand what commercial dispute mediation is
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a commercial mediation
  • Appreciate the benefits of commercial mediation in resolving disputes.
  • Understand the role of the mediator in the legal landscape.

Module 2: The Mediation Process and Techniques 

  • Understand the process of mediation in commercial disputes, step by step.
  • Understand how to effectively prepare and plan the commercial mediation process
  • Understand the importance of communication and negotiation in mediation
  • Understand the techniques required to facilitate dialogue, manage emotions and find common ground.

Module 3: Legal Framework in mediation 

  • Understand the importance of familiarization with relevant regulations and statutes
  • Understand the role of a mediator in navigating legal considerations
  • Understand confidentiality and ethical guidelines and the need for privacy in commercial mediation

Module 4: Issues in family mediation 

  • Appreciate the common issues that are addressed in commercial mediation
  • Understand how commercial mediation can assist in contractual disputes, partnership and shareholder conflicts, intellectual property disputes and resolving financial and commercial disagreements.

Module 5: How to build a successful family dispute mediation business. 

  • Understand the practical steps you must take to build a dispute mediation business
  • Appreciate the obligations that a person has when building a career as a commercial dispute mediator.
  • Understand the steps you should take both professionally and personally to ensure that you are a successful mediator.

Module 6: Practical Tips  

  • How to prepare your opening statement in a commercial dispute mediation session.
  • How to prepare a commercial mediation agreement