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International Economic Sanctions

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This course aims to offer participants a thorough understanding of sanctions, an opportunity to explore the recent global trends in economic sanctioning while tracing the role of the relevant actors within this complex framework, the motives and rationale behind such decisions, the resulting effects and the consequences experienced not only by the targeted parties but also those doing business with them, either directly or indirectly. The risk of non-compliance may prove unbearable for organisations and individuals and needs to be timely projected and managed. This seminar will offer the relevant knowledge with reference to practical examples that will enable for a sanctions compliance strategy to be conducted in an effective manner, essential to mitigating the sanctions risk.



  • Define sanctions, review the different categories, and assess the purpose that they are designed to achieve.
  • Review the global sanctions framework and the key decision-makers (including international institutions, the UN and the EU, and sovereign nation states, the US).
  • Assess the repercussions from sanctions and how non-compliance can affect countries, individuals, and entities.
  • Examine the case of sanctions imposed against Russia following events in Crimea – motives, effects, and consequences from a practical perspective.
  • Look into new areas (e.g., use of chemical weapons) upon which the imposition of additional sanctions has been justified.
  • Analyse how companies can best construct a successful Sanctions Compliance Strategy.